19 February 2010

Josiah killed all the priests of the high places

Josiah was the king of religious intolerance. He “put down” the priests that burned incense to the sun, moon, planets, and stars.
He put down the idolatrous priests ... that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven. 2 Kings 23.5
He burned the Asherah pole (the “grove” in the KJV) and spread the ashes on the graves of the children.
And he brought out the grove …and burned it … and stamped it small to powder, and cast the powder thereof upon the graves of the children of the people. 2 Kings 23.6
He destroyed the houses of the temple homosexuals.
He brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove. 2 Kings 23.7
And he executed the priests and burned human bones upon their altars.
He slew all the priests of the high places that were there upon the altars, and burned men's bones upon them. 2 Kings 23.20
This was all in accordance with the prophecy of “the man of God from Judah.”
There came a man of God out of Judah by the word of the LORD ... and he cried against the altar in the word of the LORD, and said, O altar, altar thus saith the LORD; Behold, a child shall be born unto the house of David, Josiah by name; and upon thee shall he offer the priests of the high places that burn incense upon thee, and men's bones shall be burnt upon thee. 1 Kings 13.1-2
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